Environmental Sustainability

Sustainability is a common focus for many companies across all industries, and we have established our Environmental Sustainability Industry Group to represent the needs of our members in this space.

This is also a key area of cooperation between Australia and Singapore, with the creation of a new Green Economy Agreement between our two countries currently underway.

The Chamber’s Environmental Sustainability industry group is open to all members, we ask you to self-nominate and contact us here (link to info@austcham.og.sg ) if you are interested in being part of the group. Membership is open to all Chamber members where their role is relevant to the group objectives, limited to a maximum of two representatives of each company. There will also be a committee consisting of a chair and up to [5] additional vice chairs/committee members established to lead the group creation and ongoing activities.

Our aim is for this group to provide feedback to both Governments during the drafting stage of this agreement, recognising it will focus on facilitating trade and investment in environmentally sustainable goods and services, and strengthen environmental governance and addressing climate change.

Read our submission to the Australian Government consultation on the Green Economy Agreement here.