Farmer’s Market Premium Online Butcher

Farmer’s Market is one of Asia’s leading online butchers, trusted by consumers in Hong Kong and Singapore to deliver the premium quality, 100% traceable farm-fresh produce that they love. Farmer’s Market carefully source their meat from naturally farmed, well-treated animals on ethical farms and source their seafood and fish from sustainable sources.

The philosophy behind Farmer’s Market is simple, owner Emma Pike passionately believes that eating premium quality, farm-fresh produce is vital for good health and only sources meat and seafood that she would be happy to serve to her own family. Emma has a meat science certification from Meat and Livestock Australia and uses this expertise to help her track down the very best Australian and international meat and seafood for you.

To keep their prices as affordable as possible Farmer’s Market is online only, with convenient home delivery across Singapore 6 days per week with no minimum order. Orders over $150 are delivered free and orders under $150 are only $20 for delivery.

Their range has you covered with all the varieties of meat and seafood you might need from your everyday chicken breasts or beef mince, through to your impressive weekend roasts or mouth-watering steaks.

They specialise in 100% grass-fed beef, sourced from farms on the Southern Coast of Australia and in New Zealand. Grass-fed beef is leaner, tastier and higher in nutrients than intensively farmed beef and is completely free of hormones and antibiotics.

This is a family-run business that cares about its customers and prioritizes excellent customer service. So if you ever have questions about where your meat comes from, what cuts to choose or how to prepare it, Emma and her friendly team are on hand to help.

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