Hire the World and Succeed Faster with an Employer of Record


An Employer of Record (EOR) allows companies to hire professionals by serving as the legal employer in countries where your company does not have a legal entity established. The EOR has already completed the lengthy, costly process of setting up entities around the world, so it has the infrastructure necessary to run international payroll in a fully compliant manner.

Your company can hire international candidates through an EOR. The EOR handles payroll and takes responsibility for compliance with local laws, but the employee works for and is managed directly by your company. An EOR is a strategy commonly used by companies that want to maximize their speed to market and quickly hire the best international candidate, without waiting for entity setup (which can take six to 12 months in some countries.)

What Does an EOR Do?

  • Provides Employment Contracts: Protects your company’s interests by providing compliant local employment contracts.
  • Offers Complete Benefits Packages: Gives your company the ability to provide competitive local benefits to attract the best talent.
  • Runs International Payroll: Takes care of paying your team members in their local currency.
  • Handles all Tax and Compliance Matters: Is responsible for all payroll deductions and filings with the local authorities.

Covid-19 triggered the world’s most massive remote work experiment, and the impact is here to stay. Companies that not only allow remote work but embrace it and make it a core tenet of their talent acquisition strategy are going to come out on top. Building your own team in Estonia…or South Africa, Vietnam, Colombia, and more, gives your company the edge. Hire anyone, anywhere – it’s time.

Check out our 90s video to see how our AI-driven, automated, fully compliant global Employer of Record platform makes it possible for companies to easily expand into any new country – within hours

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