Meet Daniel Spencer, Head of Business Development and Partnerships at Sleek


Tell us about your business

Sleek makes the lives of entrepreneurs, investors and SMEs easier. We provide a 100% online platform for effortlessly incorporating and managing the regulatory, tax and accounting compliance for companies in Singapore and Hong Kong. To date, we’ve assisted 4,500+ companies with their projects from tiny consulting shops, to sub-divisions of MNCS, and prominent startups. We offer exactly what all busy entrepreneurs are looking for: transparent pricing, fully digital services, great customer service and constant innovation to increase productivity.

What’s your role all about?

I lead Sleek’s Business Development and Partnerships Team. My day to day involves leading a team of rockstar Account Executives who advise entrepreneurs, SMEs and investors on setting up and running companies in Singapore. When I am not speaking with entrepreneurs about their crazy and inspirational projects, I can be found hustling building new networks and uncovering new growth opportunities for Sleek within new verticals, partnerships and strategies.

What’s the hot topic in your sector right now?

One of the biggest challenges for new business is opening a corporate bank account. Probably one of the only positives out of Covid is that the process has now become slightly easier. Prior to Covid, it was a requirement for overseas directors who set up companies in Singapore to have to fly to Singapore for a 30min face to face meeting with the bank. With covid travel restrictions now in place, Singapore banks have now switched to allowing remote corporate account opening which for many companies is now a game changer!

Why are you a member of AustCham in Singapore?

I joined AustCham with the goal to support and strengthen the connection between Australia and Singapore and to build my business and personal network in Singapore. AustCham has afforded me some great connections and opportunities including serving as a Vice Chair of AustCham’s Digital Economy Industry Group, launching and running AustCham SME & Startup Group and joining the AustCham Board in 2020.

Where are your favourite places to go to relax in Singapore?

I enjoy relaxing and meeting friends or new contacts for a few drinks at Tap Craft Beer Bar at Roberston’s Quay. The bar is perfectly situated next to the canal and there are always good people watching opportunities in between sips of delicious and reasonably affordable craft beer.

What are your predictions for the next 12 months?

As covid vaccination rates continue to rise and reach around 70-80% Singapore will once again begin to open its borders and pitch the Little Red Dot as a country open for business and opportunity. We can almost all see the light at the end of the tunnel – although to be fair it has been a very long tunnel.

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