Meet Kue Chin Wei – Vice President of Sales (Technology) at Livinguard

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Describe your role with the company

Livinguard is a hygiene solution provider based in Switzerland. My role in Livinguard is to provide innovative hygienic solutions to enhance hygiene quality in today’s environment. Livinguard supports customer product development in their hygiene offering to market. For example, aircraft seats that can self-disinfect? Face masks that can deactivate viruses and bacteria instead of just filtering them? The multi-purpose cleaner that can protect the surface against virus and bacteria for up to 48 hours upon application? Currently, our technology is applied to several applications such as water filtration where it provided clean potable water in rural areas where clean water is not accessible and it doesn’t require electricity to operate this system. We have also recently launched a new product in air filtration application where we can minimize the bio-burden of the filter which enables purified air quality and also extend the shelf life of the filter. In Livinguard, we believe our future is tied to sustainable solutions that treat our world kindly. Our commitment is to develop highly effective technologies that also minimize waste and the use of resources. We view personal and planetary health as inseparable imperatives and the foundational base of everything that we do.

What are you most looking forward to for this year?

Returning to the norm in our daily life! Over 2020, the economic and social disruption caused by the pandemic is overwhelming. I am particularly looking forward to traveling and gather with my friends and family in a safe world. From a business point of view, I am also looking forward to business travel where I can see and connect with my business partner to build businesses and protect the world. The virtual meeting might replace a lot of physical meetings however, I am a believer that real connection can only be established in a physical meeting.

What is your hidden talent?

I enjoyed doing Spinning workout in a studio. I enjoyed it so much that I became a certified instructor in Spinning.

Where is your favourite place for coffee/wine in Singapore?

Recently coffee scene in Singapore has really grown a lot. I enjoyed my favourite cuppa from Five Oars which is nearby my office while coffee from Dimbulah, Jewel, and Flash is equally good.

Where would you travel right now if you could go anywhere in the world?

In a perfect world, I would have been returned from my honeymoon with my wife. I would love to embark on a honeymoon trip with my wife right away!

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