Meet Richard McLean, Co-founder of KeyPay

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Describe your role with the company

I’m a Co-founder of KeyPay – A global cloud payroll and workforce management software. KeyPay was started in 2012 in Australia and has since expanded to the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Singapore, with over 200,000 businesses using our platform to simplify the payroll process.

I’m passionate about keeping business processes simple and removing the unnecessary stressors in the payroll and workforce world. As one of the Co-Founders, I oversee the strategic approach to our business operations from Sales, to Marketing, Support, CX and partner interactions across 4 regions, soon to be 5 when we add Malaysia. I also scope out new opportunities that bring more value to our partner network, focussing purely on adding value and making sure we support our partners to ensure they succeed at whatever they are trying to achieve.

What are you most looking forward to for this year?

The year ahead continues to be very much focused on ensuring our partners succeed in this difficult environment we currently have worldwide with COVID-19.  I am really looking forward to the gradual return to normal for all the businesses we support and helping them through that transition period by delivering tech that drives new business and success.

Where would you travel right now if you could go anywhere in the world?
If I could choose a place to travel to it would be the UK to reconnect with the UK KeyPay crew as they have been through a pretty horrid year and it would be truly awesome to share some time with them over a beer and a meal away from the everyday.

 KeyPay is known for its unique work culture that consists of a largely remote workforce (even before COVID-19) and an incredibly supportive environment with flexible working hours. How did you approach creating the right work environment for employees?

Prior to coming together to create KeyPay, all the 4 founders – Phil Bernie, Paul Duran, Kristian Reynolds and myself – worked in organisations that were not compatible with our lives. So we made a conscious decision when we started, to not do things that we didn’t enjoy when we were working for others.

The focus wasn’t on solely creating a successful business but it was also on creating an environment where people could be successful. That approach has really helped to define our work culture.

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