Meet Tammy M. Fontana, Director, MS, NCC (USA), CTRT, Sex Therapist (USA) at All in the Family Counselling Centre

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Tell us about your business

All in the Family Counselling Centre Pte. Ltd. is one of the oldest therapy and counselling institutions in Singapore. We provide therapy for individuals and couples. We are one of the only institutions that provides clinical sex therapy for individuals and couples. We deal with complicated issues and difficult cases that involve anxiety, depression, attachment issues, addiction, infidelity and sexual performance and disfunction. We are the only provider that offers our clients access to our portal as a way to support them in between sessions and increase their learning to get the most out of therapy. We provide a wide range of times and availability. We also offer intensives and retreats in Croatia and Singapore.

What’s your role all about?

Tammy Fontana, MS NCC CTRT Clinical Sex Therapist USA, is the director and lead therapist. She is responsible for the customisation and treatment of her clients. She has done extensive training with some the leading therapist in the USA and Europe. She guides her clients to better mental health, better performance at work and better relationship. She works with top executives, parents, couples and anyone wanting to have a better life and better relationships.

What’s the hot topic in your sector right now?

Improving communication in relationship and reducing conflict. Couples and individuals want better relationships both for their private lives and in their work life. If your personal relationships are not in order and you don’t feel safe and secure this bleeds into stress at work. Problems in personal relationships affect a person’s ability to focus at work. Human being are social animals and we need our relationships to be healthy and strong.

Why are you a member of AustCham in Singapore?

Tammy Fontana has been a member of the Austcham for several years. She enjoys the talks that are given to stay on top of what is happening in Singapore and Australia. Many of her clients are impacted by economic events in SE Asia and Auscham also ensure she stays update

Where are your favourite places to go to relax in Singapore?

The parks. Tammy is an avid cyclist and she’ll cycle up and down on the east coast park. Stopping at any of the many restaurants or food courts for a drink and some lunch.

What are your predictions for the next 12 months?

Improving the quality of people’s relationships will be very important. The pandemic has changed the way people work. Too often people that that in person is what makes relationships. This is a false belief. People grow apart living together. Instead people will need to develop and improve their ability to build relationships by learning how to connect on emotions whether at work or at their personal lives. It is not about being in person, but rather how we really are present, talk and connect to people. The online model will require a lot of people to develop new skills. AITFCC has been providing online therapy since 2015 long before the pandemic. We know how to do relationship when face to face in person or online. We are helping couples and individuals at work and home learn these new skills.

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