Australia elevates ASEAN as a key corridor region: what you need to know

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In September, Australia’s Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, nominated Southeast Asia as a priority corridor for Australia’s future prosperity.


What happened?

  • The PM launched the government’s “Southeast Strategy to 2040” for how Australia will economically engage with the region and benefit from its growth.
  • He pinpointed four focus areas:
    • Raising awareness — strengthening understanding of markets, sectors and emerging trends;
    • Removing blockages — addressing barriers to trade and investment;
    • Building capability — ensuring Australia and the region have the skills and knowledge to work effectively together;
    • And deepening investment — supporting Australian investors to identify, develop and finalise prospective deals in the region.

The PM released a report “Invested: Australia’s Southeast Asia Economic Strategy to 2040” which takes a look at the trade and investment opportunities and challenges across several sectors including:

  • Green energy transition
  • Infrastructure
  • The digital economy
  • Finance


What does this mean for me and my business?

Over a six-part series, Via Communications Group takes a deep dive into these sectors within the ASEAN context, provides some insight on what they mean for businesses in Australia and ASEAN, and future developments that businesses should keep an eye on.


This is a six-part series looking at the business opportunities for businesses across the Australia – Southeast Asia corridor. The insights are powered by Via Communications Group: a communications agency focused on supporting international businesses with their cross-border communications needs across Asia. You can check them out at

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