AustCham Singapore’s committees reflect the priority interest areas of our membership.

AustCham Singapore is dedicated to creating opportunities for our members to connect and engage on the topics of most interest to them.

Our Committees are a member-only benefit that allow for like-minded individuals to connect, collaborate, deep-dive and ultimately drive the broader AustCham Singapore agenda on key interest areas.

The leadership of our Committees is from our voluntary board members who play the role of Chair and Vice Chairs and ultimately set the agenda for our Committees. Each committee is supported by a member of our executive team to ensure the smooth running and alignment with the broader agenda of AustCham Singapore.

Our committees are open to all members of AustCham Singapore. There is no cap on the Committee numbers and no expectation for members to commit a certain amount of time to Committees. Our Committees are designed to provide a space for members to engage more deeply on our four key focus areas: Green, Purpose, Digital and SME.

Find out more about each of the committees and how to join them below.






Built Environment

SME and Startup

Digital & Cyber