Northland Group, the pre-eminent international pension fund platform in Asia Pacific

Northland Group has over three decades of expertise in the establishment and administration of foreign superannuation funds with Australia Taxation Office (ATO) private binding rulings that assist Australian expats in taking the right steps on their journey home to Australia. We provide a turnkey solution, dealing with all the relevant parties, including your own investment, legal and tax advisors for your peace of mind.

There comes a time when Australia’s warm sandy beaches and the desire to be closer to friends and family lures expats home. However, there are important financial planning considerations that need to be made before boarding that flight.

As an Australian living overseas, you would likely have accumulated assets and investments around the world that you will continue to benefit from following your return. Structuring these affairs efficiently should be a principal consideration as Australia applies its capital gains taxes on your worldwide estate unless they are properly structured.

For many of us, our pensions will be one of our largest financial assets. Without a foreign superannuation fund that meets the Australian Tax Office (ATO) centric definition, returnees can find their assets, investments, and benefits from overseas stints are treated as a foreign trust, which is subject to taxation. Many individuals and families that have built up pension benefits overseas return to find their overseas plan is not treated as a superannuation plan.

Northland Group has the solution. We provide globally mobile people with a structure and platform to contribute and invest wealth for retirement while overseas. Northland Group has robust structures with ATO private binding rulings meaning that you can make the most of the assets you have and maximise your opportunities.

As an independent administrator, Northland Group can plug in with your existing advisors or recommend professional parties to assist you on your path.

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