Simplify your payroll processes with KeyPay

Businesses should not overlook the value of payroll within a business and its impact on achieving business goals. As a vital part of a business employees frequently engage with, payroll has a direct link with employee satisfaction, ultimately driving employee morale, productivity and retention.

By having the right payroll software that eliminates repetitive manual tasks and incorporates HR features such as leave and expense claims, employees:

1. Can focus on other strategic tasks at hand

2. Are less distracted by things like managing their personal details or leave requests

With less time wasted, employees are more engaged and therefore far more productive in their roles, boosting the financial performance of a business.

Here at KeyPay, we’re committed to saving businesses time to increase returns by transforming the way payroll is traditionally processed. With a one-off setup, pay runs, payroll calculations, timesheet imports, and report distribution can be scheduled to run automatically. Additionally, with a suite of business management tools consisting of rostering, leave management, expense claims management and more, businesses can save costs by having everything conveniently available on one platform.

Since launching in Australia in 2012, KeyPay is now transforming payroll in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia with continuous global recognition for its offering:

  • Most used payroll software in 2021 by Australian Payroll Association Payroll
  • Winner of Payroll and HR Software Product Award in 2020 by Reward Strategy UK
  • Top 4 payroll systems in Singapore by Singapore Business Owners

When it comes to payroll, no one makes it easier than us.

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