Sleek makes the lives of Australian entrepreneurs, investors and SMEs easier.


We provide a 100% online platform to effortlessly incorporate and manage all regulatory, tax and accounting compliance for companies in Singapore and Hong Kong.

To date, we’ve assisted 2,500+ clients, including more than 200 Australian companies, to launch and manage their projects in Asia from tiny consulting shops, to sub-divisions of MNCS, and prominent startups.

Sleek was founded by 3 entrepreneurs who were tired of the unnecessarily complicated, low automated and high-priced incorporation, corporate secretary and accounting services in Singapore.

Today Sleek offers an affordable, transparent and convenient solution for businesses to work faster, save money and refocus their attention away from important (but boring) admin.

Sleek is proud to support AustCham members who are looking to set up their own companies and businesses looking for a fully digital and convenient way to reduce their administrative burden.

Interested to find out more visit or contact Sleek’s Aussie in Residence @Daniel Spencer at

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