Alistair Douglas, Founder and Partner at Eachmile Technologies who is transforming global seafood and agriculture supply chains


Tell us about your business

Eachmile Technologies

Eachmile wraps technology around supply chains to help them become more efficient, profitable and responsible. We either build and apply our own technologies or use third party offerings. Our focus has been open source decentralised distributed ledger technologies (aka blockchain) that can incentivise the collection, the sharing, and eventually the monetisation of data. Data that is critical to verifying the legality of a product, whether it is safe, authentic, in specification, and sustainably and responsibly produced, processed, and transported to your door.

Two example projects we are currently working on are the Fishcoin traceability project and the Smart Farm Initiative. The former allows downstream actors in a supply chain to price the data they need to meet regulatory or buyer requirements and then reward fishers and fish farmers for sharing this data. The Smart Farm Initiative involves the application of sensors to get the data from farms to help achieve precision farming, improve feed formulation, and attain precision nutrition.

Both projects center on creating a data driven ecosystem. Data that can help improve performance, inform policy and management, de-risk sustainable financing, assess risk for insurance, and allocate ownership of resource where there is none. All this is critical if we are any chance of achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

What’s your role all about?

I am a Founder and Partner at Eachmile. My domain expertise is the seafood industry. I did my PhD in the qualities of sashimi grade tuna based at the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo. Following that I set up companies to import and place tuna on auction floors around Japan, and to import value added tuna into the UK. So I bring quality quantification, supply chain and market expertise to the mix at Eachmile.

What’s the hot topic in your sector right now?

There are so many. Fisheries collapse, piracy, plastics, waste, pollution, slavery, habitat destruction, climate change. We cannot address these with common ownership as it has led to the tragedy of the commons. We need data to underpin policy, management and allocate ownership. When the fishers own the resource they will be incentivised to conserve and grow fish stock. They will also protect the environment and the people in the industry because consumers will be able to identify, verify, and reward those that do.

Why are you a member of AustCham in Singapore? What do you find best about the Chamber?

Pretty simple really. It’s the people. I met Adam Lyle when he was president. I have formed a great relationship and friendship with Adam and his team and we collaborate on ecosystems innovation here in Singapore.

Where are your go-to places in Singapore for great coffee?

Actually I love kopi si kosong. I don’t have to order at Attap House at Mapletree Business City – it just pops up when I walk in and the guy there is always friendly. For my Aussie (Kiwi!?) flat white fix I keep an eye out for Dimbulah when moving about. Common Man and Forty Hands certainly worth a stop. For Japanese drip filtered coffee I like Watanabe Coffee. I am not saying that because my Japanese wife is a Watanabe either!

48 Hours in Singapore – What Are Your Must-Do Experiences?

Tough! Age and family dependent! Answer – China Town, Little India, Arab Street. The Zoo/River/Night Safari, the Oceanarium, Gardens by the Bay. A Hawker Center, Club Street, Duxton, Tiong Bahru.


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