Meet Grégoire Debré, CEO & Director at Terroir & Spice

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Tell us about your business

Terroir & Spice is a marketing and communication agency specialized in Food and Beverage. It was founded in Singapore in 2018, and now there are 2 other offices, in Vietnam and in Taiwan, with 12 employees. We also have a network of partners that covers all the Asia / Pacific Region.

T&S aims at promoting food and beverage in Asia mostly, and we offer a wide range of solutions, from B2B to B2C, from online to offline.

Our field of expertise runs from Digital communication, marketing, promotion, events., PR, design..

Our customers are coming mostly from the USA, Australia, New Zealand, France and Chile, they are associations or brands, into wine or fresh products.

What’s your role all about?

As the founder and the CEO of the company, my role is extremely diverse, from managing the three offices to finding new customers, implementing activities or looking for new talents to join us. I also define the strategy of the company and plan its constant expansion.

What’s the hot topic in your sector right now?

The hot topic these days is definitely the change in the strategy of many companies, switching their focus from China to South East Asia, a region that has been a little neglected for the past 15 years. Singapore, but most of all Vietnam is definitively the hotter topics in the region.

Of course Covid is also a hot topic, it is a challenge that made us change our way of working and implement new solutions to our customers. Being a small new entity is obviously a great advantage.

Why are you a member of AustCham in Singapore?

To connect more with the Australian business community here in Singapore, which is among the most dynamic foreign communities. Australian business is thriving here in Singapore, and T&S needs to be part of it.

Where are your favourite places to go to relax in Singapore?

Pulau Ubin is among my favourite places. A glimpse of old Kampung life, it is laid back and refreshing. Lazarus is also a good place, which tends to get busier these days unfortunately.

What are your predictions for the next 12 months? 

If I had such foresight… I hope that the situation will get better and that the region, and especially Singapore will open again and that it will recover from these hard times. We shall not forget what we learned from this situation, and be flexible.


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